Solutions that improve uptime and traceability while reducing production costs

High-speed, high-throughput machines for permanent coding or labelling onto glass, plastic, cans, films, cardboard or PET bottles.

Markem-Imaje develop innovative inkjet, thermal transfer and laser systems, as well as label application and printing systems that will strengthen your digital supply chain with end-to-end individualised product traceability.

Best of all, the latest labelling and coding tech can code metal cans, glass and PET bottles. You can choose to use laser technology for cans and PET bottles, coding up to 120,000 units per hour, and eliminate the ink and additive in your factory.

Other option is to use quick-drying, high-adhesion ink — reducing batch labelling costs by up to 30%. And in the toughest and most variable production environments.

30% lower TCO. Full, secure traceability.

  • Line uptime as high as 99%
  • Eliminate bad print reprocess and waste
  • Real-time print verification
  • Eliminate non-conforming product
  • Cut ink and fluid use
  • Clean and green laser solutions

Case Studies