We supply highly optimized coding, packaging, and inspection solutions that tangibly improve your operations and profits

Typically, we first visit your facilities to identify your application and product requirements. Our engineers will examine your lines, plant logistics and the specific material specifications, decision points, and regulatory requirements of your products.

We’ll then evaluate the optimal combination of machinery, process and consumables so you can generate maximum operational efficiencies and savings.

In fact, our solutions — through the smart choice of the right high-tech consumables — often also improve product safety and extend shelf life.

The EMASAL difference

The right solutions

  • Coding & labelling
  • Packing
  • Inspecting
The right after sales

  • Customer service
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts
The right consumables

  • Films
  • Inks & additives
  • Packaging materials
  • Labels and Ribbon
Operational improvement

  • Less waste & returns
  • Higher up-time
  • Perfect traceability


Case sealing machinery switch: tape and labour costs down 20% to 40%

Case sealing machines can automate the sealing of boxes.

We have calculated that the savings can easily amount to 20% to 40% on tape and labour costs of packaging your products, while perfect tape application every time means less chance of in-transit breakages that damage products and lead to product returns.

Save at least 1 person per shift on the line

Labour alone covers machine purchase in 10 months (even before tape savings)

6x productivity increase

Process in 5 mins what a hand taper does in 30 mins

Use less consumables

Consistently accurate tape application and less tape cores


Automated stretch-wrap palettization: save thousands of dollars each year

Automatable wrapping machinery from Robopac allows the elimination of manual pallet wrapping. We have calculated that a switch from a manual wrapping system can cut total film and labour costs by as much as 80%.

The machines are extremely versatile

They can be easily programmed to wrap many of different products, and it’s easy to monitor film usage data and pre-empt problems. In fact, it’s generally possible to use up to 90% less film overall while improving wrap strength for less product damage during shipment, and fewer returns.

Robopac S7Human wrappers
Film savingsUp to 90%Significant wastage
Pre-stretch savingsUp to 400%Up to 10%
Loads per hourUp to 30No more than 12
Wrapping qualityConsistent and professionalUneven
Health and safetyBetter worker ergonomics and safetyMajor back injury and twisting risks

Your zero-risk, no-cost machine trial

If you’re tired of pouring money into machinery and consultants with no certainty of outcome or performance improvement on your lines, Emasal can make it easy for you.

For many leading brands of machines— including Markem-Imaje, Robopac, and SIAT— we are able to offer you a zero-risk, no-cost trial.

You then get to trial it for two days at our expense.

If after two days, you can see the improvement, the machine is yours to use! All we ask is you use us as a consumable supplier.

Otherwise return the machine to us without obligation.

  • We’ll analyze your lines and work out the equipment you need.
  • We’ll run the numbers and show you the potential for improvement.
  • We’ll install machine on-site on your line, and train your people.