Efficient packaging, sealing and inspecting solutions for meat and poultry processers and retailers to prevent contamination and maintain maximum freshness all the way to the table.

Meat &poultry products

  • Bulk fresh meat and poultry portions
  • Retail fresh meat and poultry cuts and fillets
  • Minced meat, hamburgers and sausages
  • Fresh, sliced and cured cold meats
  • Cured, smoked or salted meats
  • Pre-prepared and marinated meat and poultry cuts

Machine types

  • Coding
  • Vacuum sealing machines
  • Shrink wrappers
  • Inspection machinery
  • Case sealers
  • Stretch Film wrappers
  • Washer for plastic pallets and boxes
  • Tray sealers

Strong cost and production benefits for meat producers and retailers

  • Cut packaging costs and waste
  • Improve product presentation
  • Eliminate non-conforming product
  • Control labour costs
  • Preserve product quality
  • Up to 30% lower TCO
  • Reduce wastage and returns
  • Effective product containment and protection
Loma Systems