Packers, baggers and sealers that improve throughput, keep products fresh and pristine, and reduce damage and rejects

Versatile packing, bagging and sealing machines that can be easily configured to process a wide selection of products and consistently deliver the precise packaging needed for professional product presentation.

We can help you customize a smart, low-maintenance solution that uses vertical or horizontal machines for tray, bag or form fill sealing, as well as high-velocity flow wrapping systems with shrink tunnels, or state-of-the-art vacuum sealers. You’ll enjoy greater product throughput and reliability, while also trimming your production overheads.

High product throughput, optimized consumable use and fast payback.

  • Reduce labor cost
  • Reduce shrink wrap and film offcut and waste
  • Keep products pristine or fresh
  • Improve quality and hygiene regulation compliance
  • Raise product throughput
  • Increase shelf life
Pac Machinery

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