GUARANTEED SAVINGS, on coding solutions, stretch film, adhesive tape, shrink wrap and vacuum bagging.

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Streamline your operations for lower operating costs, improved traceability and increased profits!

Coding & labelling

High-speed, high-throughput machines for permanent coding or labelling onto glass, aluminium, plastic, paper, metal or cardboard that also strengthen your digital supply chain with end-to-end individualised product traceability for safety and compliance purposes.

Packaging & sealing

Made-to-measure solutions for vertical and horizontal packaging, forming, filling and sealing machines.

End-of-line packaging

Top of the line solutions that will help yo save money on packaging materails, eliminate recalls, and reduce labor costs. High-speed heat-shrink and stretch wrapping technology for fast, effective pallet and load protection. Best in class case sealers, vacuum machinery and tray sealers, that will help efficiency.

Inspection & automation

State-of-the-art non-invasive metal detectors, X-ray and weight-checking systems to facilitate compliance with international certifications like HASAP and ISO, weights legislation, and codes for product hygiene and safety.


Eco-friendly yet tough shrink wrap, pallet wrap films and adhesive tapes that protect better, and MEK Free coding inks and labels that print and adhere to any surface while providing perfect long-term readability.

The EMASAL difference

We know the latest packaging, coding and inspecting technology inside-out. And because we are committed to developing cost efficient solutions, you can rely on us to deliver line improvements that tangibly improve operations.

The right solutions

  • Coding & Labelling
  • Packing

The right after sales

  • Customer service
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts

The right consumables

  • Films
  • Inks & additives
  • Packaging materials
  • Labels and Ribbon

Operational improvement

  • Less waste & returns
  • Higher up-time
  • Perfect traceability

Our most top selling machines

Guaranteed Savings – Reduction of Environmental Impact – Increase in efficiencies

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